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About Temple

The lord Sree Narasimha Swamy  is an avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu, one who incarnates in the form of part lion and part man to destroy evil and end religious persecution and calamity on Earth, thereby restoring Dharma.Generally Sree Narasimha Swamy temples are a few in number of which one of the ancient and historic temples in kerala is Sree Narasimha Swamy  Temple at Aymanam.

Lord Narasimha, as the name implies is a combination of 'Nara' and 'Simha' which mean Man and Lion respectively. He is the fourth incarnartion of Lord Vishnu. He can be seen with Chakra, Mace and nails. He is a Maharathi which means he can combact 7,20,000 warriors simultaneously. He is a conjunction of man and animal, with man's body and lion's face, nails.

Narasimha iconography shows him with a human torso and lower body, with a lion face and claws, typically with a demon Hiranyakashipu in his lap whom he is in the process of killing. The demon is powerful brother of evil Hiranyaksha who had been previously killed by Vishnu, who hated Vishnu for killing his brother. Hiranyakashipu gains special powers by which he could not be killed during the day or night, inside or outside, by any weapon, and by man or animal. Endowed with new powers, Hiranyakashipu creates chaos, persecutes all devotees of Vishnu including his own son. Vishnu understands the demon's power, then creatively adapts into a mixed avatar that is neither man nor animal and kills the demon at the junction of day and night, inside and outside.Narasimha is known primarily as the 'Great Protector' who specifically defends and protects his devotees from evil. The most popular Narasimha mythology is the legend that protects his devotee Prahlada, and creatively destroys Prahlada's demonic father and tyrant Hiranyakashipu.

Pooja Time

രാവിലെ 4.30 am - നിർമ്മാല്യദർശനം
വിശേഷാൽ പൂജകൾ
8.30 am - ശ്രീബലി
6.30 pm - ദീപാരാധന


അയ്‌മനം ശ്രീ നരസിംഹസ്വാമി ക്ഷേത്രത്തിൽ നരസിംഹജയന്തിയും ഭഗവതസപ്താഹയജ്ഞവും

അയ്‌മനം ശ്രീ നരസിംഹസ്വാമി ക്ഷേത്രത്തിൽ നരസിംഹജയന്തിയും ഭഗവതസപ്താഹയജ്ഞവും

അയ്‌മനം ശ്രീ നരസിംഹസ്വാമി ക്ഷേത്രത്തിൽ ഈ വർഷത്തെ നരസിംഹജയന്തിയും ഭഗവതസപ്താഹയജ്ഞവും താന്ത്രിക...